‘If not now, when? If not you, who?’ - Hillel the Elder

Donations are always appreciated. Please mail a check, bank check or money order to:

One Child International Inc.,
590 SW 9th Terrace – Ste 2
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

A tax deductible receipt will be mailed to you.

We are funded in five ways.

 - director grants,

 - benefactors funding,

 - public donations,

 - in-kind donations,

 - Project Inform revenues

1. Our main program provides for the national and international distribution of child protection, child abuse and abuse prevention information. This information is provided in a number of formats:
> in print: our multi-language brochures are distributed free worldwide to child advocacy centers, rape crisis centers, shelters, law enforcement, child protection organizations, the judiciary, schools, domestic violence crisis clinics and more as requested.
> online: as pdfs and site topics.
> email: monthly updates to our worldwide child protection database

 2. Project Inform: Providing information to large populations. By large populations we mean organizations with large numbers of members (police, teachers), faith-based groups, county - state and national households, health care provider groups, hospitals, departments of government working on a national or international level. Our brochures are charged at minimal cost and includes the production and fulfillment of the projects. It is entirely turn-key requiring no participation from the groups themselves. Special runs can be adapted to include the organization's logo. We do not allow editing of our brochure text or the data provided.

3. Our investigation division is staffed by experienced volunteer Special Investigators. All of our investigation work is done on their dime – which we appreciate. There are expenses involved; software, database accessing and data retrieval and travel.

4. Child advocacy and activist campaigns
One Child speaks for those who can't - children. As such, when we come across child exploitation we tackle it head on directly and through the media. We publicize topics relating to the abuse of children and promote issues of child protection vigorously. In addition we publicize the understanding of those who perpetrate crimes against children including their motivations, crimes and punishment. To that we spend a great deal of time communicating with government, corporations, the judiciary and the media. In addition to our printed materials we write on abuse-related topics to the judiciary and government agencies.

About our operations
We make great use of volunteers and volunteered services (in-kind). Our offices are donated on on three continents. One Child International Inc., is a Florida non-profit undergoing IRS 501(c)3 registration.





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